"When I explored my options of sending my little ones to a Montessori preschool I visited several schools around Cincinnati. Once I stepped into Maple Village Child Center in Springdale I knew immediately that it was what I had been looking for. The staff was and is very friendly, experienced and kind. They are nurturing and make great efforts in capturing each child's personality. I was always amazed how well they knew each of my children and how they helped each one develop their skills and personality. This holistic approach did wonders to my children who both attended the school, and are now in a Montessori Elementary school.

Apart from the curriculum the teachers build a lot of lessons into their daily routine: conflict management, respect for others, appreciating differences in others, eating healthy etc. The rooms are bright and clean, the yard and play area completely private and safe. Maple Knoll Village is a retirement community and both the Child Center and the residents benefit from each other. There are planned activities with the Village's senior citizens throughout the year, such as reading books and carving pumpkins.

Parents are always welcome to help or observe, everything is very transparent. Meri Fox, the director, and the teachers are laid back and competent, and it reflects on the atmosphere. It feels like home. As my son grew older he wanted to stay longer hours on some days. The school accommodated all of our special wishes. I cannot praise this school enough. One of Cincinnati's best kept secrets."

"Upon initial glance, Maple Knoll Child Center has much to offer: a bright, spacious, incredibly clean classroom; an engaging play area complete with vegetable garden and potting shed; a location within Maple Knoll Village which permits and fosters intergenerational relationships; happy children busy at work. What truly sets MKCC apart from other programs, Montessori and otherwise, is the teaching staff. With infinite patience and limitless respect for each individual, the teachers create a loving, nurturing environment in which the child flourishes and parents are at ease, confident that their children are in wonderful care. Independence, self-respect, respect for others, curiosity and wonder at the world around, and a true love for learning - these are the invaluable, immeasurable gifts created by such a phenomenal early education program and the wonderfully special teachers who run it." - JODI C.

"I can't say enough good things about Maple Knoll. I found Maple Knoll after my preschool age son was having some behavioral issues at a traditional preschool. I was searching out an environment for him that was cooperative, supportive, respectful and open. Making the switch at preschool can be hard, but it was one of the best decisions I have made in his young life. His behavior and spirit changed almost overnight. He felt so "in charge" of his destiny at Maple Knoll and loved his time there. We had such a positive experience that a year after my son began; we enrolled my oldest daughter as well for enrichment in Kindergarten. I've said to many friends and family that Maple Knoll really changed the direction and future of my kids. If it was an option, I'd send my kids to Maple Knoll until they left for college! No joke! " - CARRIE O.